Yamuna Ball Rolling

YBR, the original small-ball therapy, uses specially designed balls in specific routines to combine the release of massage with the strengthening and toning of exercise, providing an effortless workout and a deep stretch.

The ball applies traction that frees connective tissue, re-educates muscles to fully release, and de-codes negative holding patterns.

  • Heals and prevents injuries

  • Effective on its own or as a complement to yoga, dance or any workout

  • Offsets the stress of vigorous exercise

  • Directily stimulates bone, improving bone density

  • YBR increases range of motion, muscle length and tone and circulation

  • Developes and maintains core strength

  • Stimulates nerve roots and organs

  • Increases metabolism

  • Relaxes the nervous system

  • Expands the lungs and deepens breathing

 Pictures by YZ Studios

Pictures by YZ Studios

Lori Remington-League of Wichita School of Performing Arts has became a Certified Practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) and Yamuna Foot Fitness. In 2008 Lori was certified by Yamuna Zake at her New York studio and is the only YBR and Yamuna Foot Fitness certified practitioner in the Wichita area. Moved by the many benefits and overall improvements that took place on her own body, she chose to certify to help others do the same. Group classes in YBR, YBR Foot Fitness and private sessions incorporating YBR hands on release techniques available.