The Gyrotonic® Expansion System:

Is comprised of two exercise methods GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. Both designed by Julio Horvath a former professional dancer.

  • GYROTONIC® exercises are performed on equipment that was especially designed for its movement base.

  • GYROKINESIS® exercises are performed on a stool and graduate to a mat. Both movement methods compliment each other.  Both were created to improve balance, strength and flexibility.


  Picture on loan from Dawn Strom

Picture on loan from Dawn Strom

This movement method also has roots in Yoga, Tai Chi, Gymnastics and Dance.  GYROKINESIS®  gently works the entire body while increasing range of motion.

Students gain better stability and strength while moving through rhythmic and flowing movement patterns . While participating in a GYROKINESIS® class students will begin to feel energy pathways open and a heightened sense of awareness. As you move and flow through different movement sequences the nervous system is being stimulated and leaves you feeling more alert and grounded.

GYROKINESIS® is offered in a 60 minute class and a 90 minute class, is adaptable to any level of student and at all ages.

Lori works as a Movement Educator to assist clients in developing a greater awareness in their bodies. Students will learn to be better connected to their body and before long are re-patterning old deviations into new healthier pathways.