Wichita School of Performing Arts

At Wichita School of Performing Arts, class levels are offered from beginning through advanced and in all varieties of dance. Classes run fall through spring with some younger dance classes available for shorter sessions in the spring. Summer sessions run June and July in addition to out-of-state college programs.  Re-conditioning classes are offered through the month of August. Each spring WSPA features a spring performance for students who have been enrolled since fall.

Additionally, WSPA offers a Dance Repertoire Theatre by audition every other year. Dancers in repertoire are featured in a fall concert and other community performing opportunities throughout the year.

Pilates Fascial Integrated Training (FIT)

Lori works as a Movement Educator to assist clients in developing a greater awareness in their bodies. Through the use of pilates and FIT students will learn to be better connected to their body and before long are re-patterning old deviations into new healthier pathways.